J.B's TX Style BBQ Catering

True Texas Smoked BBQ 

UPDATE: Guess what?! We are getting a food trailer!!! This way business will easier for you and for us! If you would like us to be at one of your events, please Contact Us!

My story


      Hi! My name is John Burman. I just started J.B’S Texas Style BBQ Catering about a year ago. I will tell you little bit about why I started J.B.’s Texas Style BBQ Catering here in Georgia.

      I lived in Austin, Texas for 18 years and in Dallas, TX for a year. I ate BBQ at different places, and the best places where the “hole in the wall” small restaurant’s that knew how to smoke really good meats. I must say, these places always had the best BBQ.

     I moved to Atlanta in '96 and went to some BBQ joints, but really could not find a good BBQ place that stood out to me. That is wen I started my hobby of smoking Ribs, Boston Butts, and Briskets for friends and family. Whenever I started cooking, I would always go back in my mind- to my Texas roots- on how to smoke the Texas way, when it came to smoking true BBQ. 


     Everyone we smoke BBQ for, loved how my BBQ tasted. They always wanted to know about our special rub that we used on my meats, because the rub and the type of wood we use really brings out the flavor in the meats. Another important factor is also how you smoke the meats - Low and Slow.

     We smoke Briskets, Boston Butt’s, Ribs, Chicken, Turkeys, and Pigs. Our specialty is Briskets - everyone loves our Briskets. The sides that we make are so good, then again everything that we smoke is good! People always ask how we make it taste so good, and it's because "We Smoke it Old School". We use an offset smoker that we feed wood into every 2 hours. It is just the best way to smoke food, and you can really tell.

     We put a lot of love, time, and pride into the meats that we smoke.
So give us a try, you will not be disappointed!!